Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The fire in my soul

Every body knows that this fire season has been the worst Washington has ever seen. While the forests have been ablaze, tourism in these areas has dropped to almost nothing, understandably. The only problem is that many of the small business owners in these fire stricken areas have seen almost no revenue in the time they need it most, like Tom and Linda who run the park store here at 25 Mile Creek. This park has been closed for the past 5 weeks due to fire and has only reopened today now that the camping season is drawing to a close. We'd love to see everyone come out this weekend to support these communities. The weather's threatening to hit 90 this weekend, and the lake looked like glass when I came in. Come spend your tourism dollars on what looks to be one of the last great weekends of summer here, where it just might be enough to save a small business.

Reserve a site at 25 Mile Creek State Park

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