Monday, September 7, 2015

Who's laboring today?

We've spent the Labor Day long weekend at Bridgeport State Park.  It's a nice park in the Columbia River Valley at Rufus Woods Lake, which is situated behind the Chief Joseph Dam.  To say the park was chaotic during the holiday would be quite the understatement.  It's been party party party for 3 days straight, and Dan and I are both glad to get back to the peace and quiet.  We've been here once before and enjoyed our stay then too.  There are lots of  hook up and pull through sites here making it an easy stop along the road, and there's a terrific bike path all the way to the Dam, which I hear has a pretty good tour, though we didn't manage to make it that far.  The park has lots of mature trees and a swimming area as well as a playground to help occupy the little beasties.  I would absolutely come back here, though maybe not on such a busy weekend.  I've also been told that the lake has some pretty great fishing, our neighbors caught several Kokanee, though they failed to share the bounty.

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