Saturday, September 5, 2015

Who do you think you are?

Well hello there big wide web. Welcome to our travels! I'm Leila, and that guy over there behind the wheel over there is my ruggedly handsome, oh so charming, husband Dan. The sweet little noises behind me? Well that's the cutest little baby ever. Ms. JC Monkey Butt.

We don't live the most conventional life style ever, and so we thought you might enjoy the tales of our travels as we bump on down the road. You see, home for us is a 30' 5th wheel powered by a big old beastie f450. It may not look like much, but I bet I spend less time cleaning house than you.

We weren't happy with our sticks and bricks so this past April we sold it and everything we owned and hit the streets. Now that we're actually on the road I wanted to share our stories with you, my hip and happy reader, provide a way to keep in touch with our fellow travelers, and answer the question our friends and family like to ask "So where are you guys?" So sit back and enjoy the ride because I'm not sure we're ever going to be There Yet.

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